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For The Love of Beach Huts

Who doesn't love a beach hut. Just wish I could afford to buy one!

It's been a crazy few months hasn't it? I've been juggling the day job, childcare and keeping the house in order but we did manage a few days away to our favourite seaside town of Southwold for a couple of nights.

I knew when we arrived I'd need copious amounts of beach hut pictures so I could get doodling and create some prints from them.

The 'And Relax Beach Hut Print' will be the first of many along the same theme. I just love to look at them! I hope you do too. I just have to look at this print and I feel relaxed.

So today, for me, it's back to business, back to routine and the small person is back at school for some much needed structure and stimulation.

I hope you have a lovely week ahead.

Head on over to the shop and check out the latest prints.

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